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Medical Marijuana Card

Oregon medical marijuana patients must apply to the state medical marijuana program to legally use Oregon medical cannabis. After seeing a medical marijuana doctor, patients must complete a state application to the medical marijuana program. Patients may also declare a medical marijuana primary caregiver on the application packet; this is an optional step. Patients must return a competed application packet to the Oregon medical marijuana program within no more that 90 days of the physician’s written statement. A $100 application fee must also be included. Patients who can provide proof of OHP, SSI, or food stamp eligibility may send in a reduced fee of $20. Renewing patients must submit written documentation from the attending physician under the same terms as new patients. The MMJ Card allows patients to possess, grow and use medical cannabis. Out of state patients may apply for the Oregon medical marijuana program. Medical marijuana patient’s who fail to register with the state, and who possess amounts of medical cannabis in compliance with the law, retain the ability to raise an affirmative defense for the possession, use, and growing of cannabis.

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